Thursday, August 30, 2012

Major headache

Well today was another ultrasound & more blood work. My appointment was done by 10am so I was thinking for sure by 2pm I would of had a phone call about my results. At 1:45 I called the office and she told me that they would call me. I left for work at 3 and around 4 called again because I still hadn't received a phone call. 

Around 5 I finally thought, hmm maybe they called the house phone. So I called and checked the voicemail and yep sure enough they did.  She told me that my dose was going to be doubled & that I would be going in for another ultrasound and bloodwork on saturday.

I got my meds around 7pm and HOLY freakin' headache! :( I got dizzy and just did not feel good at all. I cannot wait for this entire process to be over. People who get pregnant on their own without fertility treatment are so lucky! What a blessing that would of been if it would of happened on it's own. However, this whole process has made not only us stronger as people but has made our marriage so much stronger.

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