Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A very long 26 months

It is hard to believe that in less then 2weeks we have been trying 27 months. I just recently started my clomid [fertility med] at 200mg which is the highest dose that med is even given.  Sometimes I wonder if it will ever work? Will I ever get my chance to be a mom.

Perhaps it is meant to be this way?
Maybe I am meant to just give up?
Or am I going through this because I am strong enough to overcome it?

--these are all things that have crossed my mind--
I keep telling everyone that when the time comes that we FINALLY get pregnant I will be in complete denial. It has been such a long journey and hopefully it ends soon--with the best result possible.

I constantly have people telling me that it will happen when its meant to -- BLAHBLAH --
You can never sit there and tell someone that if you have been in my shoes. Please do not tell me that it will all work out when really you have no clue what it feels like to know that maybe you will never be a mom. More than 75% of the people telling me this have at least 1 child.

I have friends who have been trying a few months and they say well this sucks and I just wish it would happen -- I just think wow I was in their shoes never realizing that 2 yrs and 2months later I would still be in their shoes.

I am going to try to start blogging more because I really do think it helps to just vent.

But it is about time for me to take me meds and curl up in bed --

Until next time :)