Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Where did you get your MD degree from?

Well Sunday August 26th I went in for day 3 baseline ultrasound & bloodwork. I didn't go down to the fertility clinic because of it being such a LOOOOONG drive however I would of taken that 2.5 hr drive over being upset due to an ultrasound tech anyday!!

My husband & I went to State College to have the ultrasound done, when we got there I had no clue where the lady was parked at. It was a sunday and of course the actual office was closed besides the few people that would be in the building that day.  We got to our appointment about 30mins prior to our actual time and we waited around for the lady. After sitting in the car for over half an hour we decided to walk in and see if the doors would be open by some miracle. (THEY WERE OPEN!!) We went upstairs and still could not find the ultrasound tech. Shortly after this my phone starts ringing and it is her calling me.

"Is this Christina?"
"Where are you? I am parked outside waiting for you to come to your appointment at Mt. Nittany Today."
"I am inside the building waiting on you"
"okay I will meet you inside"

Not even 2 minutes later we see her walking up to the door.  Total misunderstanding on where we were supposed to park. However, how she proceeded to act was in no means professional.  She proceeded to tell my husband and I that we kept her waiting and that she needed to go pick up her daughter!?! Really???

We went up to the ultrasound room and after I was changed and laying on the table she starts talking to me about how great the OB/GYN doctor is at their facility. UHM -- I don't care how great he is, we have been seeing a fertility clinic for almost a year. What she was about to then tell me, I never thought I would hear.

"you do know that your chance of getting pregnant while on these injections with PCOS is slim right?"


At that point I just wanted to jump off that table and be done -- my husband was even upset at by the way she talked to me.  Everyone thinks I should report her.  I have another appointment for Day 7 u/s and blood work tomorrow morning at the same place (FINGERS CROSSED that I don't have her again)


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  1. Can't wait to start treatment again and tell that tech that she was WRONG! This was the month we got pregnant!,,