Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Antiphospholipid WHAT?

Old post I forgot to publish --


The past week has flown by & it slipped my mind to even blog :(


Well just an update on everything.

I informed you that I kept testing positive for the lupus anticoagulant.  The dr finally called last week and told me that I have an autoimmune disorder known as Antiphospholipid syndrome. I know you are all thinking Antiphospholipid WHAT?

But here is the breakdown--
Basically my blood clots in my veins & ateries and causes pregnancy complications (reasoning behind my miscarriages). 100% will be lovenox during prenancy & a baby aspirin. I really hope this is our saving grace and that we can finally carry a baby fullterm with no complications.  Still waiting on the dreaded AUNTFLO to arrive from the provera that I took & then I have a saline ultrasound to see if I have any polyps or scar tissue from my d&c back in November. *fingerscrossed* that it goes well & everything comes back normal.

My meds arrived on saturday & I swear I had a heart attack when I saw all of the boxes.

1 day Post-Op

Yesterday was quite a long day.
   I was up at 1:30am so that we could leave by 2:30 to head to by surgery that was 3 hours away.  Surgery started around 7:30am and I was out of the hospital by 10. They didn't waste any time getting me in and out of there. Everything went smootly with the surgery. He found polyps that he also removed along with the scar tissue that he knew was there. ( I will post pictures in another post)  Besides some minor cramping and bleeding all is going well :)
   My doctor called me today just to go over our next step and let me know how everything went with the surgery since I was still pretty groggy when he had talked me in the recovery room.  He wants me to take another pack of the birth control pills just to let my body heal and then we can start treatment back up!! I am beyond excited and so ready to get this ball rolling again.  It will push us into April for when we would potentially get pregnant. April doesn't seem that far away ... does it?

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Sorry I have been slacking lately .. I have been extremly busy with work & appointments. So last post I was talking about having my saline ultrasound & hoping that all went well with that. However we did not get the news we had been expecting.

"There is a lare mass of scar tissue that has the left side of our uterus stuck together from top to bottom" -- REALLY? What could possibly set us back more now!!
So here we are. Two days before my surgery to have the scar tissue removed & whatever else he finds.  I prayed so hard that nothing would go wrong with that ultrasound. Guess prayers can only go so far & then you just have to let be what will be.  I know God is doing what he think is best but sometimes it feels like we will never get this process started back up. However, finding that scar tissue now before possibly another pregnancy that could have ended up badly is a blessing.
  • Pre-op appointment & bloodwork --- CHECK
  • Surgery time --- CHECK
  • Ready for surgery --- still processing another surgery :(

Thursday, February 7, 2013

3 Months & now a fresh start

Yesterday marked 3 months since my d&c after finding out we were going to miscarry. It has truly flown by & gotten much easier to deal with. 

... "Time heals all things" ...

Tomorrow is my saline ultrasound at the fertility clinic to make sure no scar tissue has developed from my d&c procedure back in November.  We are both praying that all looks well & we can continue forward with treatment with a fresh cycle soon!  Hopefully within 2-3weeks we will be starting the menopur back up. I cannot wait to get this ball rolling :)