Tuesday, February 26, 2013

1 day Post-Op

Yesterday was quite a long day.
   I was up at 1:30am so that we could leave by 2:30 to head to by surgery that was 3 hours away.  Surgery started around 7:30am and I was out of the hospital by 10. They didn't waste any time getting me in and out of there. Everything went smootly with the surgery. He found polyps that he also removed along with the scar tissue that he knew was there. ( I will post pictures in another post)  Besides some minor cramping and bleeding all is going well :)
   My doctor called me today just to go over our next step and let me know how everything went with the surgery since I was still pretty groggy when he had talked me in the recovery room.  He wants me to take another pack of the birth control pills just to let my body heal and then we can start treatment back up!! I am beyond excited and so ready to get this ball rolling again.  It will push us into April for when we would potentially get pregnant. April doesn't seem that far away ... does it?

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