Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013 be good to us :

Here is to a New Year & hopefully a New Addition:
Well last time I wrote was the night before my d&c followup. Everything went good & we were cleared to start trying again.  We were referred to a high-risk OB/Gyn in Johnstown,PA. As most of you know, my pregnancy will be considered high-risk the moment I get pregnant due to recurrent pregnancy loss & infertility.  We saw Dr. K 2 days after Christmas -- Our appointment went as good as it could have. So many questions we had were answered.  He ordered more labwork and said that if he came back the same it did last time that I would be put on Lovenox 3 days after I trigger. (Well it came back positive again, My lupus-anticoaglant). So here's to taking Lovenox until I am 36-38weeks pregnant. At this point though, I am willing to do anything to carry full-term.
After our appointment with Dr.K we set up our appointment with Shady Grove again. The New Year started off great, Jan 4th we had our appointment with Shady Grove to get everything started back up.  Our doctor said before we start our treatments back up he wanted to order a saline ultrasound to make sure I have no scar tissue or polyps from my d&c.  So that brings us to today .. Still waiting on Aunt Flo to show her wonderful face so that we can get this party started! Beyond ready to get this cycle started back up & get our miracle in our arms.
New med cycle we will be starting:
Menopur injections starting at day 3. With bloodwork & ultrasounds to see when we can trigger to release eggs.
Ovidrel injections to release eggs
Aspirin for my clotting issues.
Lovenox 40mg for clotting issues until fullterm pregnancy.
Crinone instead of that nasty prometrium!
Heres to a new beginning and a fresh new year!!!!

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